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Where: Listen at 88.1FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Who:  hosted by Jerry Katz | co-created by Mandee Labelle
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Show #31 April 16, 2014 My guest is Ramaji.
Ramaji’s main mission is to spread practical non-dual teachings about the Heart on the right, Amrita Nadi and Self-enquiry meditation in the Advaita enlightenment tradition of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramaji facilitates the non-dual spiritual awakening of the casual seeker and serious student alike via delivery of the RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) non-dual transmission. He delivers RASA in person and long distance to groups or one on one over Skype. The RASA transmission takes only a few minutes, yet its spiritual benefits can last a lifetime. Physical distance makes no difference.

Based on his own experiences, Ramaji has clarified and streamlined Self-enquiry for the West. Ramaji strongly encourages meditators to arrive at the thought-free state. By dwelling in and abiding as the thought-free state, the Self is realized.

Ramaji tracks:

0:00 – 7:21 Introduction to Ramaji. Ramaji talks about how his book started and the nature of levels of consciousness. Compares his work to that of David Hawkins. Some spiritual biography. Function of empathy.

7:21 – 14:22 Some of the people rated and their scores. Value of this work in getting a handle on assessing nonduality teachers. David Hawkins’ ratings compared. Nature of Ramaji’s evaluation process. Receptivity to “mental density” or “outer protective layer,” or “mental armor.”

14:22 – 22:49 Ramaji gathering date on evaluations. Characteristics and features of different ratings levels with associated experiences described. Perfection of duality as it is at level 1000.

22:49 – 25:10 Nature of level 1000. “Everything is I.” Universal I-consciousness. It is all myself.

25:10 – 28:54 Mission to get everyone to level 1000. Value of RASA discussed. “I am kicking spiritual butt with this RASA thing.”

28:54 – 32:15 Value of the great desire for enlightenment. Be honest with yourself. Enlightenment has to be your passion. Main problem is indifference. Value of meditating a half hour a day toward achieving world peace.

32:15 – 38:37 The world as thought, corporations and the military as only thought based. All the masses have to do is start meditating and that would de-couple them from deep conditioning. Identification softens with meditation and space opens in our thought patterns. However, the masses are in a trance and kept in a trance by corporate advertising. “People think the world is real … and then torture themselves with it.” Being a human being: feel free, loving, peaceful.

38:37 – 45:27 More levels discussed. 500′s, nature of. Average person is 210. Spirituality starts at 500. Serial killers are below 100. Dictators are below 200. 300: Tanya Harding. 400s are scientists, wealthy people. Bill Gates = 524. Oprah = 582. Above 628 you’re living in non-doership, you can do whatever arises which may appear to come from a low rating level.

45:27 – 48:10 Potential for abuse if someone pretends they’re established in non-doership. Charles Manson mentioned. People rated 1000 are impeccable regarding abusive behaviour.

48:10 – Jerry asks, “Ramaji, should people believe you?” A new level of purification after enlightenment, which is a function of non-doership.

Show #30 April 9, 2014 My guest is Jay Rossi, with co-hosts James Traverse and Mandee Labelle.

0:00 - 4:20 Introduction, casual chat, nature of spaciousness, exploring yoga.

4:20 - 8:04 Jay Rossi introduced. Jay describes bringing students into open awareness and the spacious feeling via changing attention and the resultant release of tensions and contractions

8:04 - 13:09 Jay and James talk about limitations of focusing too much on core strength of the body. Importance of breathing. Problem with over-intellectualizing physical exercise.

13:09 - 14:46 Significance of vibrational nature of the body and organs. 

14:46 - 18:20 Feelings and emotions addressed. The body held as an idea. Looking at one's experience. The body as a mirage.

18:20 - 25:04 Jay discusses his background and studies and how he got into yoga. James shares his journey and shows how their path is parallel in many ways. Jean Klein and Douglas Harding discussed.

25:04 - 29:29 How their teaching of yoga has changed over the years. Presence. Abiding in the open space as a way or teaching that can affect the students even if they are not aware of it.

29:29 - 33:40 Jay leads the listener is an exercise of spacious yoga. "Is it my hand or is the hand in my awareness?"

33:40 - 36:19 Power of Jay's exercise discussed. Understanding and substance discussed.

36:19 - 40:16 Mandee joins us and she and Jay talk about relationship with Francis Lucille and what they learned.

40:16 -  46:16 Jay talks about a relaxed, light, loose, playful approach to yoga, and what bores him. Mandee and James contribute. Jay tells a couple of stories comparing seriousness and playfulness.

46:16 - 51:00 Mandee, James, and Jay engage in some intimate yoga shop talk, as they are all yoga teachers. Jay talks about his new book.

Show #29 April 2, 2014 My guest is Robert Rabbin.

An off-the-cuff conversation covering several themes of authentic public speaking:
- Speaking “from” compared to speaking “about.”
- Public speaking as an act of self-revelation compared to an act of providing information.
- Directing your speaking toward the effect you want to achieve. How do you want your audience to think, feel, and act?
- As a speaker, are you aware of the effect you’re creating and are you tracking it, making slight adjustments as you proceed? Real-time awareness.
- Speaking truthfully, what it means. How does it compare to speaking honestly?
- Connecting, creating, expressing, affecting, acting creatively.
- Pre-linguistic communication.
- The five principles of authentic living: Be present, pay attention, listen deeply, speak truthfully, act creatively.
Robert’s website is

Show #28 March 26, 2014 was a re-run of show #27. Due to a severe snow storm I could not get to the studio.

Show #27 March 19, 2014 My guest is Laura Caitlin Burke. Laura is a Mental Health Peer Support Coordinator at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She also works as Peer Support Facilitator, Program Manager with the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia. Laura holds a Master of Arts in Drama Therapy from Concordia University in Montreal. She's a writer, playwright, poet, actor, performance artist, student of Shambhala Buddhism. We talk about mental health from the nondual perspective. Laura's blog is at She is on Facebook as well.

Here are the tracks:

0:00 - 5:47 Laura's role as an activist. What it means to support others. Promoting new ideas, new ways of doing things. Drama therapy. Perceived danger of creative arts therapy. Choosing of one's own narrative and power of creative work.

5:47 - 11:07 Laura reads a poem inspired by intense non-conceptual experience. Speaking to the longing to get closer to the experience of nonduality rather than just pointing to it. Some commentary and response follow.

11:07 - 15:50 Social activism. Discussion of a program on creating an enlightened society featuring Sakyong Miphan Rinpoche, Pema Chodron, and others. Going beyond dualistic concepts and making an impact from the perspective of interdependence and ever-changingness of all things. Limitations of traditional activism and meaning of nondual activism.

15:50 - 17:29 Anti-stigma movement as limiting and dualistic. A nondualistic acceptance rather than acceptance via being against stigma.

17:29 - 28:28 Experiences of psychosis. Shambhala Buddhism and meditation. Meeting with Alan Sloan. Nature of egolessness in psychosis. Fleet Maull mentioned. Perception that there's a whole world beyond the world of concepts and a change in relationship with psychosis. Ken Friedman's view that in psychosis there is a hypersensitivity to the space beyond concepts and it leads to a jump back to ego, self-centeredness, and unusual behaviour. An inclination toward the nondual that people diagnosed with mania and psychoses appear to have.

28:28 - 31:39 Maria MacKenzie-Cann, a psychiatric nurse and shaman, as a mentor. Laura seeing that she was rejecting her calling toward healing. Mindfulness work.

31:39 - 42:07 Laura talks about and reads, "I Am Not a Superhero." (aka Superhero). Commentary follows. Laura talks about the origin of the poem and its intent. Impermanence as a theme. It is available here as a visual poem: . We reflect on the interview so far.

42:07 - Thomas Merton quote discussed. Its application to an upcoming conference in Toronto Laura is attending and speaking at: Ontario Shores Research Day - 2014. Laura's experiences with conference audiences. Ardath Whynacht mentioned. Pushing boundaries. David Whitehorn mentioned, author of Navigating Mental Disorder and Recovery. Topics of Laura's speech at the conference and its inclination toward the nondual. Power of relationship and intimacy at the level of nondual experience. Michel Foucault: Madness and Civilization. Conclusion.

Show #26 March 12, 2014 My guest is Cheryl Abram. The topic is right and wrong, true and false. Cheryl's blog is at

Show #25 March 5, 2014 Guests are James Traverse and Maja Apolonia Rode. What is meant by an independent nonduality meetup group? What are some aspects of its nature? Only qualifications to start a group is your passion and your interest in exploring the true nature of being. Maja Apolonia Rodé contributes the following to the discussion: "Everybody has the dharma within them, not just the one at the front of the room." Some principles are necessary for a successful group. Leadership is based in asking good questions and coming from a place of not knowing the answers. You have to have leadership that holds the container without taking over the group. Can the love of the teachings, the love of truth hold the container? How do you deal with dominating personality or getting too much into concepts or self-help? Addressing someone new to inquiry and defining the function of moderating a group. Include tips and tricks that are unobtrusive such as the talking stick.

A group at the beginning can be like learning to play a musical instrument, it takes time to get smooth, practiced, and skilled. Bringing together people along in their process.
Discussion on having a core group. Power of openly sharing. Do you have any special way of leading new people into self-inquiry and being comfortable within a group?
Engaging within a group is like going on a first date. The open, live, vulnerable quality, and exploration. Importance of moments of stillness and silence. Leadership re-addressed.

Show #24 February 26, 2014 Guests are Pete Sierra and Vimalasara Mason-John. Pete can be found on Facebook at Pete was interviewed in January 2013, here:
Vimalasara's Facebook page Her most recent book is Eight Step Recovery: Using the Buddha's Teachings to Overcome Addiction

Show #23 February 19, 2014 Gale McCray and Charlie Hayes are guests, topics are baseball, Scott Kiloby, car racing, nondual awareness, and revelations of their lives.

Show #22 February 12, 2014 Hip Hop, Haircuts, and Mandee Moon are the guests and topics.

Show #21 February 5, 2014 Guests are James Traverse, Jen Peer Rich, and Chadwick Johnson in one of our most powerful shows yet. James talk about nonduality and Yoga Nidra. Jen tells us about her life, beginning with cancer as an infant. And Chad responds to Jen's story and reveals his own experiential understanding of nonduality, and lays some rhymes on us as well, as he is a hiphop artist.

Show #20 January 29, 2014 Guests are Cheryl Abrams and Scott and Kim MacInnis. The inquiry, "Does this change the present?" is central to this show. Cheryl reads from her blog and we quote Galen Sharp to some extent.

Show #19 January 22, 2014
Due to a blizzard, we were unable to get to the radio studio, so we played a re-run from
December 4, 2013 Lynn Fraser was my guest. We talked about her earliest experiences of non-separation in nature, which stimulated an interest in spirituality. Lynn offered a great definition of nonduality. Then we covered a few other milestones in her life. Study within the Himalayan Tradition, a physical attack upon her which forced her to address PTSD. Her life has a meditation and Yoga teacher. Lynn’s encounter with Scott Kiloby and becoming a facilitator of Scott’s inquiries. During this conversation Lynn leads the listener in a couple of exercises to illustrate her teachings, including Scott’s work. The music of Calum Graham is featured and we play a funny and powerful clip of Adyashanti speaking to our addiction to thoughts. Lynn’s website is

Show #18 January 15, 2014 Chani is our guest and James Traverse is co-host. Lots of talk about nonduality and we play clips from Bill East, Roger Mahaffey, and Mool Mantar & First Slok of Japji Sahib.

Show #17 January 8, 2014 Dustin LindenSmith joins me in the studio and we discuss the recent interview I conducted with Gurudatta Dattatreya. Often  outrageous, off topic, and out of control, this show is an example of how humour and outrageousness may be used to crack through the personas held by nondualists and by the culture of nonduality itself. You'll either love or -- not love -- this show.

Show #16 January 1, 2014
Susan Zurawski talks about how she got into Yoga at the advice of her neurologist when she was stricken with a case of multiple sclerosis that left her paralyzed and nearly blind on the left side of her body. Susan talks about the power of Yoga not only for physical well being, but for psychological, mental, and spiritual benefits. This conversation explores many layers of Yoga and living and is indeed satsang itself. The Ashtanga eight-fold path is discussed in some detail with the bridge between Yoga and nonduality described. James Traverse joins us.

Show #15 December 25, 2013 What is nonduality? Recordings by Vicki Woodyard, William Samuel, J. Krishnamurti. Various musical selections (no Christmas music!), eating at the Carnegie Deli, David Steindl-Rast, Jac O'Keefe, lucid dreaming discussed, Adyashanti, Russel Brand, Byron Katie.

Show #14 December 18, 2013 Scott and Kim MacInnis were guests. James Traverse dropped in later on to facilitate the interview.
This is the accidental self-inquiry and awakening story of Scott and the sharp turn onto a more intentional spiritual path. The role of Scott's wife Kim, who was on her own path at the same time, is revealed, and the nature of their interaction and relationship. Scott and Kim are in their early thirties and have two young sons.

Show #13 December 11, 2013 James Traverse is the guest. We talk about his encounters with Dr. Jean Klein and the associated teachings. A poem by James Wright is read. A couple of audio clips by Vicki Woodyard are played but due to technical issues they will have to be re-played in a future show.

Show #12 December 4, 2013 Lynn Fraser was my guest. We talked about her earliest experiences of non-separation in nature, which stimulated an interest in spirituality. Lynn offered a great definition of nonduality. Then we covered a few other milestones in her life. Study within the Himalayan Tradition, a physical attack upon her which forced her to address PTSD. Her life has a meditation and Yoga teacher. Lynn’s encounter with Scott Kiloby and becoming a facilitator of Scott’s inquiries. During this conversation Lynn leads the listener in a couple of exercises to illustrate her teachings, including Scott’s work. The music of Calum Graham is featured and we play a funny and powerful clip of Adyashanti speaking to our addiction to thoughts. Lynn’s website is

Show #11 November 27, 2013 James Traverse and Dustin LindenSmith are guests with Jerry Katz. James Traverse describes the extraordinary spirit, the people, and various sessions of the recent Shanti Fest in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The opportunity for authentic experience. Culmination in ecsatic dance described. "Extraordinary manifestation of peace." Audio clips of om chanting, a gong bath, the music of Suryachandra. The meaning of Om. The gong bath experience.

Dustin speaks about raising children as the most spiritual practice there is. Stopping the fight against the way things are. Connecting with the child "at an emotional level at the moment based on what's happening at the time without trying to do anything or change anything." Avoiding emotional difficulty through eating. Value of living in the world rather than becoming a "monk" or prior to spiritual involvement. Life as the greatest teacher. Quote from Tolle: As Eckhart Tolle says in A New Earth, “while the child is having a painbody attack, there isn’t much you can do except to stay present so that you are not drawn into an emotional reaction. The child’s painbody would only feed on it. Painbodies can be extremely dramatic. Don’t buy into the drama. Don’t take it too seriously. If the painbody was triggered by thwarted wanting, don’t give in now to its demands. Otherwise, the child will learn: ‘The more unhappy I become, the more likely I am to get what I want’” (page 106).
Dustin talks about his tenor sax playing.

Relevant links:

Show #10 November 20, 2013 Dustin LindenSmith and Jerry Katz dialogue on many aspects of nondual consciousness, while conducting a fundraiser for CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Enjoy the fun, the edge, the humor, the nonduality. Also we say farewell to co-host Mandee Labelle who created and inspired this show. Mandee will return as an occasional co-host. Jerry is now the main host and plans to include new and frequent co-hosts, telephone interviews, interesting audio clips, and to generally create an atmosphere that welcomes everything life offers.

Show #9 November 13, 2013  A recording of Chloe Goodchild chanting is followed by a conversation on mantras and chants. Understanding nonduality via duality. A beautiful confession from Gangaji. Then conversation on desire and longing, and prayer. Enthusiasm is the next topic. A clip from Swami Beyondananda. Also an audio of Coleman Barks reading Rumi. In between it all, other topics, considerations and humor.

Show #8 November 6, 2013 A clip from a talk by Adyashanti: "We are in our essence unborn." Meditation as a death, and opening the eyes

to experience as "a display of the unseen." Realizing our purpose. An interview with Adyashakti (Mark Canter), author of Awakening to the Obvious. "In short, nothing about me as a personality could be called extraordinary. Yet this does not detract from the matter at hand: I do understand my original nature, as described in Buddhist and other mystical teachings of the past twenty-five centuries. I have seen beyond the limits of conventional identity, into the open nature (free capacity) of consciousness itself. This book offers no special doctrine the reader can adhere to. 'The Great Way has no back,' said the Chinese sage Lao Tzu. 'Thus, it cannot be followed.' However, the essays herein may help you to reconcile with the inherent mystery of life as it is, and thus be one with (no longer at odds with) the Great Way.

Show #7 October 30, 2013 Our most recent show featured the delightful and wise Mi'qmaq elder Billy Lewis as our in-studio guest. Robin Arthur and Terry Choyce were our on-phone guests. ... Diversity and unity. ... Recent oneness conferences in Nova Scotia. ... Bringing everyone together to protect the earth and to protect ourselves: that's what all this oneness movement is about. ... Unity as acceptance of differences. ... Distortion of indigenous teachings. ... The Red Renaissance. ... Robin Arthur on the phone, organizer of the Spiritual Diversity Conference held in Halifax recently. Details about the conference and its implications, as well as Robin's work in general. ... Value of individual spiritual practices and living spiritual diversity. ... Terry Choyce on the phone talking about all the oneness activities in October in Nova Scotia. ... The organization around an idea being confused with an idea. ... Mandee's birthday. ... The quantum way of seeing. ... Billy's early life and spiritual breakthroughs. ... Knowings beyond the mind. ... The law of certitude. ... Defending separation of church and state. Working with Madalyn Murray O'Hare. ... Movement from the heart vs movement from fear. ... Random chat about Rumi and local events

Show #6 October 23, 2013 Seventy-eight year old Mi'qmaq elder Billy Lewis, a local and national activist for Mother Earth and native causes since 1969, was our in-studio guest. Jerry, Mandee, and Billy discuss the recent Solidarity events aimed at raising awareness and bringing attention to proposed hydraulic fracturing in New Brunswick, Canada. ... The Mi'kmaq nation and other indigenous nations in Canada and South America. ... "The best learning takes place in the middle of struggle for justice." Taking a stand forces an issue to become clear. ... The meaning of real consultation in terms of self-determination. Ecuador giving rights to Mother Earth. ... The struggle for freedom is an ongoing process. ... and many more topics.

Show #5 October 16, 2013 Thanksgiving, Autumn, everything knowing That, friendship, Science and Nonduality Conference, Breema, Andre Krylov: Simple Truth in Tranquility of Peaceful, call from David in Cambridge, Massachusetts, discussing his open awareness meditation meetup group. David reads his poem inspired by friendship.

Show #4 October 9, 2013 Description of nondual understanding from the indigenous-inspired writings of Joanne Light. We play Indian Love Chant, by Douglas Spotted Eagle. Power of vision quest, dances, drumming, rituals. Song: Land of Promise. Audio clip of Robert Adams speaking about his meeting with Ramana Maharshi and how RM was "a natural man."

Show #3 October 2, 2013 Mace Mealer was a delightful call-in guest. So was Pete Sierra in an excerpt from an interview with him. Amar Chebib, director of the documentary WAJD: Music, Politics & Ecstasy, also called. Mandee and I welcomed silence as yet another guest.

Show #2 September 25, 2013 Following some chat, we field a phone call from poet/artist with a nondual flare, Joanne Light, who tells about her work called "Dissolving Duality." We extract some definitions of nonduality from the little known works of Greg Goode and Nirmala. Then we take a call from Greg Allen Morgoglione and Alice the Canine Messiah. Greg talks about some magic he's working in the music industry that any singer slash songwriter can hook up with and make money. Greg talked about his book which is available here. We played a song by Greg called Breakfast with You. Then you'll hear a nondual clip from comedian Louis C.K. and some discussion around it. Finally we play a clip from Thich Nhat Hahn.

Show # 1 September 18, 2013 Gratitude, Yoga class, nature of spiritual experiences. "Keeping your moments with God secret." Having conversations about conversations. Paying attention to attention. Silence: having no need to fill space with words. Taking walks in nature, silently. Buddhist story about silence. What is nonduality? "You have to come by this understanding by your own experience." Can't define nonduality with the mind and we try to use the mind to grock nonduality. Audio clip of Laura Lucille leading a meditation that allows us to experience nonduality. Nonduality meetups groups discussed. Stumbling upon nonduality. Having extraordinary experiences vs living the ordinary. Sadness discussed as an element of nature rather than as a personal hurt. A spontaneous drive to Labrador and a contemplation on sadness. A song about love is played. UFO and nonduality disclosure discussed. Resorting to your own authority, as radical. Nonduality can't be lost. Many people are thanked.

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The countdown to our grand opening projected for September 18, 2013:

Show # minus 5
Caller: Isabel from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Show # minus 4 Callers: Tom from Temecula, California. Anamika from Auroville, India

Show # minus 3 Callers: Roger from Panama, Matt Beal from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.
    Music by Bhagavan Das. Clip of Adyashanti speaking.

Show # minus 2 Callers: Phil from Croatia, Fred Davis from South Carolina, and Pete Sierra from San Diego.

Show # minus 1 Callers: Dhanya from Maui, Don from New York City. Music by Deva Premal. Audio clip of Paul Hedderman speaking.

Show # minus 1/2 Interview with in-studio guest Jeff Warren, with Mandee on the phone from California.

Show # minus 1/4 Interviews with in-studio guests Dustin LindenSmith and James Traverse with stories on parenting and family. Mandee on     the phone from California.

Show # zero September 11 Francis Lucille retreat. Pacific Ocean beaches vs Atlantic Ocean beaches. Air travel and airports. Dustin LindenSmith. James Traverse. Nonduality Satsang meetup in Nova Scotia. Audio clip of Francis Lucille speaking. Nonsanto Corporation. Nutrition and diet. And other things.